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Sugar & Brownies


Dharia (2019)

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Haftalık: 38 indirme
Toplam: 21793 indirme
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Tarih: 27 Nisan 2019 , Cumartesi günü eklendi.
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Kullanıcı Puanı: 4.7 / 5 38 kişi puan verdi.

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  1. ❄ Kar tanesi ❄ - 6 ay önce

    Iyi sarki begendim


  2. fenerist459 - 2 ay önce



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YORUMLAR (Sugar & Brownies- Dharia)
  1. Thrace Music

    So.. have you guessed how old is she ? We saw your comments & some of you guessed it ! Dharia is indeed 13 years old :)

  2. Anex ASMR

    Don't say u search ( Ooooo naeee naeeee naeee ) ???

  3. mdyasin akrom


  4. mdyasin akrom


  5. Hrithik roshan

    Saara 2019 wale maderchod ke bache hain

  6. online media sky lark

    മലയാളി ഫ്രീക്കൻ മാർ ഇവിടെ come On?????

  7. VLAD OS

  8. VLAD OS

    Начинаюший ютубер

  9. Rakesh Bastia

    Mast song hai

  10. Mottalib Hosen


  11. md ibrahim


  12. Адам Магомедов


  13. Hamza Renault

    05. 11 2019

  14. Jass Hayer

    many indians come to watch this??????

  15. Huseyn Huseynov

    ses eliyun) ??

  16. Tix Tix


  17. Surendra kumar

    13 year old in Alpha Female position. Call me old school but that with a 13 year old, is sick. BTW, great song

  18. GAME BUZZ 100

    Osam song it is???

  19. Pal Abhishek

    Yui nai na that's my favourite line

  20. LoopLesS ZerO

    this shows that age dosent matter in case of talent

  21. Shuhas Patil


  22. 1000 With No Videos Nepali π

    Who is here after tiktok!!

  23. Ume Rubab

    Who else is seeing comments while listening this song

  24. Tania Rahman

    Addicted ?

  25. ruksar health mix video

    ??????love it

  26. No16or BTS

    Maybe October 2019??

  27. Shubhangi Kiledar

    I love this song

  28. Thyagu Gowda

    Raise your hands who z listening this song today

  29. Tanmoy Ghorai

    Osm just osm ??????

  30. tik tok par taaj

    I love this song but very hard

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Sugar & Brownies - Dharia )

Sugar & Brownies Dharia Şarkı Sözü

Some keep a diary

Seems like a fantasy

But it may require some love and desire

It's something to cover me

There's never a guarantee

That loving is so easy

Some may define it as sugar and brownies

But sour just as lime is

Uh na na na x4

Son of the ocean breeze

Somewhere you promised me

A love like a fire, no fears, no denial

Just something to gladden me

I feel electricity

Your lighting is guiding me

I fear that I like it

No place we can hide it

So hard not to find it

Uh na na na x4

The reason why we don't give up on our love is simple

We're like the sun and moon

We like to see each other shining bright

We have tonight, tomorrow

And the other days that follow

We have to try to make things right

I'll sing to you like

Uh na na na x4