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Offline Detector

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YORUMLAR (Radical Noise - Offline Detector)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Radical Noise - Offline Detector)

Radical Noise Offline Detector Şarkı Sözü

İt's the nuclear waste around the world
The chemicals which are thrown
To the thirld world from the first one
Filth of inner greed, rape the mother earth

Fuck the wars on faith for a race
United nations, a two faced game
İntervention to settle the peace means
A new war, a new disease

İt's a worldwide tragedy everyone watches on tv
İ know its too typical but this world is dying slowly
And you're still asking for a free new world
Here it is at the edge of a deadly threshold

We're in war
Not so natural
İt's a worldwide

Can u be that calm when it happens to you
Can u be that faceless that you're asking for a proof
The poison in you is the poison in me
The pain you'll feel is the pain we're in

İt's the war on land and freedom
Divided nations, free to doom
New world order always wants more
A fake peace for a war

There is no peace
İ know it is hard to believe
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