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Nothing Personal

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Radical Noise - Nothing Personal)

Radical Noise Nothing Personal Şarkı Sözü

He says that i dream of a world that doesn't exist,
There are facts of life we must be convinced to live with...
She says that the things i wanna do are not grounded on reality.
All i can do is to listen to them and back to my infinity...

You can't see me cause i'm not here
You can't touch me cause i don't feel you

You can't reach me cause i can't be you
You can't hear me cause i'm done with it,

İ'm too tired to live with it!
Can you be yourself ?
Your way of life is too pathetic.
Be yourself can u ?

All i ever wanted was to rest in peace in
My own world.all i ever needed was some
Time to reach my own goals...
Don't expect you to understand just let it
All go away.years are passing by and we're
Still laying down on the same page...
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