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Who You Are

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YORUMLAR (Pearl Jam - Who You Are)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Pearl Jam - Who You Are)

Pearl Jam Who You Are Şarkı Sözü

[Verse 1]

Come to send. Not condescend

Transcendent to consequences

To transcend where we are

Who are we? Who we are

[Verse 2]

Trampled marks on your souls

Changes, all you're a part

Seen it all. Not at all

Can't defend fucked up men


Take me for a ride before we leave

[Verse 3]

Circumstance. Clapping hands

A driving winds. Happenstance

Off the track, in the mud

That's the mark in the aforementioned verse


And a little... Wow... And a little...

Just a little time before we leave

[Verse 4]

Stop light plays its part

So I would say you've got a part

What's your part? Who you are

You are who who you are

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