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YORUMLAR (Madrugada - Majesty)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Madrugada - Majesty)

Madrugada Majesty Şarkı Sözü

So am I

Good or bad

The way that things did turn out

I did only make you sad

And we cried and we cried

On the phone

Oh but in my mind

You were never that all alone

Oh you were majesty

Your roads were heavy

And your longing was cut from bone

So am I

Am I good or bad

Could only awake your anger

I could only make you mad

Now was that how you showed me

That you were still so young and bold

Anyway those fights did drive me

And I was dying of thirst and I wasn't growin' old

Oh you were majesty

Your ropes were heavy

And your roads were very cold

Oh, oh, oh majesty

But in my mind

I could still climb inside your bed

And I could be victorious

Still the only man to pass to the glorious arch of your head, o-oh

Oh you were majesty

Your ropes were heavy

And your cheeks were very red

Oh you were majesty

And it's like I said

That spirit, is now dead

Oh, oh, oh Majesty

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