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Landon Cube


Groceries (feat Lil Keed)

Hit: 14 kez dinlendi
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Tarih: 17 Ekim 2020 , Cumartesi günü eklendi.
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YORUMLAR (Landon Cube - Groceries (feat Lil Keed))

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Landon Cube - Groceries (feat Lil Keed))
I ain't been myself, it ain't no hope for me
I be by myself, I have a toast to me (toast)
Make a lot of money and I smoke my weed (smoke)
I been too damn high to go get groceries (let's go)
Made a lot of hits, yeah, I got trophies
And no one could ever say they never rode for me
And I ain't met nobody who could have soul to keep
'Cause you know everything about it's just a joke to me (aw, yeah)
And I can't cry no tears
'Cause I done faced my fears
I still got my will to live
And I still got much more to give
Girl I could change your life
But you ain't the changing type
'Cause you into chasin' hype
And I just ain't that guy (aw, yeah)
'Cause someday I
Someday I'll leave it all behind
Someday I
Someday I'm gonna die
I ain't been myself, it ain't no hope for me
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