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YORUMLAR (Kazka - Cry)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Kazka - Cry)

Kazka Cry Şarkı Sözü

What do you see? if i escape will i be saved?
Can’t estimate when you’ll fade, tell me i can’t wait
I’m learning fast i can’t turn back
I died a million times when you left when you said goodbye

What do you see, can you speak will i be saved?
My hearts on ice can’t think twice tell me why oh why
I’m Falling fast stuck in the past
I try and understand it hurts so bad how long will it last?

I’m flying through the storms
The answer is in the sky
That ‘everything i am is because of you’
But i know i won’t die
I’ll live without your love
I take back every word
Every woman’s tears

What do you feel? say it loud, speak into my soul
‘a winters day never fades’ that’s what i was told
I lost myself without your help
I fell straight back to hell or is it heaven? maybe, i don’t know?

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