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Reloading My Mind



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Tarih: 10 Ekim 2019 , Perşembe günü eklendi.
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Karsu – Reloading My Mind

Reloading my mind
Is it you – is it me?
I’m ready to find
Whatever you hide from me
Am I willing to sacrifice all for what I’ll find.
By the time the search is done
Will I feel overwhelmed by the shame
Or will I lift my head because I’ve won?
You tell me, you tell me
Where have you been?
You tell me, You tell me
Let the games begin
Time to go play
Did you forget
All the rules we made
Look my way
Oh won’t you hide
We’ll never be the same
Rethinking our time..
Is it yours or is it mine?
My patience is gone
Save time and spit it out
Your proposal to rethink it all and start over is foolish enough
But for you to say nothing has changed blows my mind
Ain’t I clear my love
I’ll tell you I’ll tell you
When it’s all over
I’ll tell you I’ll tell you
When I’m done