Jennifer Lopez


Ain't Your Mama

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Tarih: 3 Mart 2019 , Pazar günü eklendi.
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YORUMLAR (Jennifer Lopez - Ain't Your Mama)
  1. Elbistanlı 1

    Doru diyon kız jlo ben senin anan degilim senin anan. Anan yani.

  2. Pierre Zambrano Guamán

    I like so much this music like to think the same Me encanta esta canción like si crees lo mismo

  3. Galaxy Pig Gacha

    I think it’s so funny that she “doesn’t” have maids and cooks

  4. Mira Dolunay Özüdoğru

    My favorite song

  5. Marcel Meierkord

    Jemanden erkennen Allianischen Homso homso hiphoppen umsomstso so so la la umso homso heiphoppen hoppen hoppo hoppo umsosonst so

  6. Louisa Andr

    Υποτίθεται ότι το τραγούδι είναι υπέρ των γυναικειων δικαιωμάτων αλλά και πάλι προβάλει τη γυναίκα ως σέξι γκόμενα

  7. Leo Forte

    Ti amo

  8. Trey Jr.

    I know black dont crack but LATINOS DON'T EITHER. Mario lopez, J Lo, Adrienne Bailon, Shakira. And hella others still look 20 something. And JLO is damn near 50

  9. Lesly Daniela Siguencia

    Nice song with Jennifer Lopez

  10. Sombra X Tracer

    Imm not getting your tampons when your on your period. OoOoO

  11. Katarzyna Drzewiecka

    1:25 dopiero tu się zaczyna

  12. kage ranger4919

    Why do women have to deal with all problems u r right j.lo we aint your mama

  13. Ruth Amishi

    What if your mum sing this song in front of you and got to the part ''I ain't yo mama"

  14. grandcanyon2

    Mamacita, yes you are chica

  15. Karissah Garcia

    Beautiful thank you!

  16. Galaxy Queen85

    0:13 She looks cute even when she is wet from the rain!🥰

  17. MC Chupi The Chup

    When wife is about to end your life because you didn't do the dishes...

  18. Actu 77

    4:17 dancing perfecte

  19. D I A N A

    I can't hear this song without hearing *Joe Mama*

  20. Garrett Spencer

    She's so "fine"!

  21. D I A N A

    I hear it as "I ain't Joe Mama"

  22. Rehema Chea

    Hahaha hahaha hahaha ok know I'm spooked seriously I ate ur mama

  23. Franco Bobby

    Giubilen abaqueta

  24. Sassy K719

    I ain't nobody' s Mama

  25. DimondGirlOMG

    Btw I’m doing this in a show

  26. verna matthes

    Who still love i ain't your mama in 2019?

  27. Sunny V

    Guys I know this is 2019, but first time hearing it and man can Jennifer Lopez sing how she wants. Haters wrong.

  28. Nicole Leigh

    My nan was crying last night 😭😹😹

  29. V 3 R 0 N 1 K 4 '78

    I love this song

  30. hamza mester


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