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Sweat (2005)


Mommas Boy

Hit: 14 kez dinlendi
Haftalık: 1 indirme
Toplam: 1 indirme
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Tarih: 10 Eylül 2020 , Perşembe günü eklendi.
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YORUMLAR (Hadise - Mommas Boy)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Hadise - Mommas Boy)
Ya momma ain't gonna put me down boy
Ya momma ain't gonna put me down boy
Ya momma ain't gonna put me down boy
Cause I ain't livin' like this
I hate it everytime when you're loosin' your cool
Ya momma calls and you be actin' up like a fool
You know how she has been working hard to break us up, spreading all them lies, it's all too... much
When she's crying wolf and you be lickin' all the wounds
And what can I say.Cause you are a
Momma's boy momma's boy
Am I your 1 or 2
Momma's boy momma's boy
I think I'm done with you
No way I need a momma's boy
Ya momma ain't gonna put me down boy
I hate it everytime we go visit their place
She be talkin' about his ex can"t take it no more
Ain't got a clue what she got against me
You better take my side got my foot in the…
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