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YORUMLAR (Hadise - Creep)

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (Hadise - Creep)
Don't forget I won't forgive
All you've done for as long as I live
You'll be on top of my black list
You'll be there tired of my face
'Cause I know violence is not my language
I can imagine you in handcuffs
With a scar up on my soul
I could push you like a fly on the wall
... is to held enough
But the way you player make me though
Now I just wanted to be clear
I never ever ever want you near
'Cause you're not a soulmate
That's such a mistake
You really thought you could infiltrate
The integrity of my soul
... dreaming you couldn't take control
You know this song is about you
Bet you're even proud to
See that you've been so cruel
Been helpless for a while
Had sadness in my smile
And you thought that was cool
You fool
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