Antonio Vivaldi



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YORUMLAR (Antonio Vivaldi - Sonbahar)
  1. Hi Chan

    =_= why the ad in the middle of this masterpiece =_=

  2. Hi Chan

    Hi from a lover for (winter) cuz it’s better than the other three seasons

  3. Zargard

    borrachos cayéndose

  4. Polarity Reversed

    I showed this to my Fall He became an Autumn

  5. Kaden Muhammad

    never want to hear that again

  6. The Red Pill

    Have you noticed in the 4 seasons that Winter and Summer are in Minor and feature manic movements, but Fall and Spring are in Major and have balanced, steady movements.

  7. ZmiennyOP


  8. Берендей

    это мощно

  9. Mustafa Ali

    I am drinking wine and thinking about my girlfriend listening to this

  10. Thomas wetche

    I listen to This 24/7

  11. Trilly Fan

    it's poor quality (video)

  12. Mk4

    Automn is the most noble part of the year. So is this playful play.

  13. Zaki

    *Lovin' this high quality*

  14. Vlad Vladut

    Vivaldi pe cat este moartă

  15. one direction and spoon

    Ten years...

  16. Wayne Auten

    Vivaldi created heavy metal. Fact. He just lacked a distortion pedal.

  17. John M

    perfect day to listen to this, being the first day of autumn....

  18. Jess Kroos

    Happy fall equinox 2019 🍁🌾🍂🍄🧡💛

  19. Spanky 'Gremlo' Mcgee the Cupboard Creature


  20. Frank Parker

    Thank you Summer for the last moments spent with my Mom at least, may she rest in peace. :-( xxxxxx Welcome Autumn.

  21. Donnie Gonzalez

    Good song

  22. Barbara Teegler

    That's a timeless Masterpiece..........

  23. Henrique Silveira

    Canal de partituras

  24. douaisien moi

    Sublime à écouter.

  25. dragons*flower*


  26. Aidenne Campbell

    Why couldn't it have been one second longer?!

  27. El Hijo De Pato

    Damn is he good this Vivaldi guy. Do you know when the remix with Cardi B is being released?

  28. Esco Lexo

    Samples ? lol

  29. Commander Gree

    Your missing one of the songs Flu Season

  30. A Gil

    17:56 Usain Bolt :)

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