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YORUMLAR (Antonio Vivaldi - Autumn)
  1. Chunky Tomato Soup

    I shan’t even penetrate it. I just ponder at thy glory.

  2. pure garbage

    *It's 297 years bro* *yerrrrrroooooooooooo*

  3. Jansen Art

    What bitrate is this, 160? :(

  4. Shivananda J


  5. Ryan Carter

    This version sucks

  6. Alicia Vinella

    Amo el otoño y amo a Vivaldi !!!!

  7. Imran Lone

    i luv de czn autm .iz vry butifl...

  8. Ahmad Ali Ahmad

    In my opinion Autumn is the best in the four Seasons for Vivaldi ... So brilliant piece of music and wondering ... Ahmad Ali Ahmad Many thanks "Melania Anghel"

  9. Rebecca saliba

    At 4:33 i hear a small Beep Im not shure if im the only one. Not trying to hate or anything i love this video!

  10. Ahmad Ali Ahmad

    Bonjour Melania Anghel Merci beaucoup encore Ahmad Ali Ahmad

  11. Ahmad Ali Ahmad

    Beautiful music and nice video Right choice Vivaldi is brilliant Ahmad Ali Ahmad Many thanks to 'Melania Anghel

  12. Cesar Gamer6578

    Atumn ;)

  13. Larryson

    Believe it or not, I had to play this in elementary school

  14. Mark

    The adagio (5:11) made cry over and over as a kid, nearly every time I listened to it. The combination of chords from 6:25 - 6:42 is sad, haunting, and I think the chord at 6:31 was really got me, if I was able to hold out till then. Who am I kidding. It's STILL one of the saddest pieces I've ever heard. Also, someone's out of tune...and somehow it makes the piece even sadder and even more haunting.

  15. bill nattia

    Autumn is sad, something is fading. Walking away.

  16. bill nattia

    No one mistakes VIVALDI music, perfiction with strings specially viola's.. روعه.

  17. nash984954

    Thank you, Melania, great version.

  18. Dumb Foe

    What a man!He made such good music,I esspecially like his violin concert in a-minor just becaouse i played it.... (sorry if the grammar is not good)

  19. MAR /KOS mrls nikos

  20. Fernanda Aviles

    Why are there 27 dislikes? :c

  21. Patti Brown

    Beautiful. I love the images you chose. Posting this comment on the first day of fall, 2016. :)

  22. M.G. Di Giovanni Raggi


  23. :P leave me alone

    Itz Great UwU

  24. JacksonR2085

    Are they performing in a tuberculosis ward? 💀

  25. tomasz dzidowski

    The Vivaldi's music is so beautiful

  26. Meow Mix

    I'm playing this in orchestra (easy version) wish me luck though cause its challenging to me

  27. gaia aoi

    Fave of the Four Seasons!

  28. Alecks

    Decir que es maravillosa, se queda corta para esta joya musical!.... que deleite , es una profunda delicia , una experiencia espiritual!...

  29. Fleur Des Bois

    “Il succède à l’été et précède l’hiver mais l’automne n’est pas une saison comme les autres. Il nous offre des paysages magnifiques, des couleurs chatoyantes, pléthore de feuilles mortes et aliments délicieux. Source d’inspiration de nombreux poètes, l’automne est perçu comme le temps du bonheur tranquille et de la mélancolie créatrice...”

  30. xx_Ms. MadMusic_xx

    7:49 - The Hunt 9:11 - The Beast in Flight 9:18- Guns and Dogs 10:12 - The Fleeting Beast Dies My favorite parts

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