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Twilight Zone

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YORUMLAR (2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone)
  1. hernan dario viveros vargas

    Q recuerdos mas bellos

  2. Benito Mendoza

    Por siempre lo mejor de lo mejor arriba todos aquellos que lo bailaron solo rritmos q hicieron de los noventas leyenda.



  4. Paulo Vendas

    Ouvindo em 2019 ainda...musica boa não para!


    SFM 2019 and La Mamies <3


    *Jacob Peraltinio*

  7. anthony carmine

    Las Vegas Landing theme song lol Fits perfectly

  8. Derby Harrington

    If only I was alive in this era

  9. Ivan Rojas

    2020 ?

  10. Mike Barker

    I worked at Macy's in the young men's clothes dept in 1991-92 (I was 18). This song was big then along with C&C music factory and others. We didnt have cable feeds, just VHS tapes of music videos. I got to listen/watch this video *hundreds of times as we cycled through them, day after day. Now it brings back memories of those simple days. :)

  11. aaron cepero

    Still love this song ...what an amazing time it was the time is fukin flaying....

  12. иван дорнов


  13. Fired Up Pranks

    This is like a combination of the Mortal Kombat theme song and Snap's Oops Upside The Head 😂

  14. Alessandro Bautista


  15. 666Nicole The Devil666 666Nicole The Devil666

    Who is the girl singining the twilight zone plz tell me she is hot lol

  16. Josesito C

    RIP la kings

  17. Enzo2000

    This dude was supercool back then. Like awesome to the MAX!!!!!! 🕶👓🕶👓🕶

  18. Ruuvi Varas

    If you aren't here because of NHL slapshot for the wii, we can't be friends 😔

  19. Chiro Lexy

    Mortal Kombat Theme Song Original

  20. Romeo Martinez

    Mortal Combat!!!

  21. Chopped Up Cow


  22. Walter Vera

    Hermoso recuerdo de esa mucica



  24. Whirlwind Studios

    It's like an Amber alert for the first four seconds. xD

  25. Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Dat bassline....

  26. Jo-Ryan Salazar

    Better than Golden Earring's version.

  27. Alyson S

    High-school days

  28. Captain Sovereign


  29. Jose Arce

    Esta cancion es una dinamita te ase esplotar con muchos animos

  30. CrazyCatLady78

    I danced to this at so many sweet 16s when i was a teen in the 90s.

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ŞARKI SÖZÜ (2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone)

2 Unlimited Twilight Zone Şarkı Sözü

First to the bass in to the jam
Then let the music take command
Back to back to another dimension
Stop the force and pay some attention
Music to party, music to dance
The new follow-up of public demand
Slick as five da la megaphone
Take you down to the Twilight Zone

Enter the clock and turn the body upside down
Grab the microphone it's upon the sound
You want more more you get
We're 2 Unlimited in effect!
Check up the sound and stop this distortion
When we get the fitness, here's another portion
Just lay back as we take control
Take you down into the Twilight Zone

This is the twilight zone
And you're not on your own
We take you to the twilight zone
It is the twilight zone
You better shake your bones
And come on down the twilight zone

Come on baby!
I'm gonna take you to the Twilight Zone

Have a good time, take a break

Hang with another first of the chapter
Straight to the heavyweight, for worst or better
Fishes in the way, found in the vicinity
Slamming DJ's with the rhyme capability
Listen to the jam as we go wild
Check your MC's versatile
Me and the lady howl megatone
Fuck you up in the Twilight Zone


This is the twilight zone
And you're not on your own
We take you to the twilight zone
It is the twilight zone
You better shake your bones
And come on down the twilight zone

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