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  1. Km Music

    Videos CARDI B - I Like it | María Amaya freestyle | Street Dance Josy Shuffles - White Hinterland - Icarus {Shuffle} "Night Bass Thing" - Shuffle/Shapes | Gabby J David Olivia Stoof - Instagram Pocket Jen - Patriots Shuffle Rebelindustry - Forever shuffle Rebelindustry - Hear that sound shuffle Rebelindustry - You don't know shuffle S a b r i n a - shuffle Sofia Al - Florida Music 2 Unlimited - No One 2 Unlimited - Twilight Zone (live at super 50) 1992

  2. Киберпанк

    Девушки танцуют! Сисями трясут!

  3. Teija Alanko

    Good. Very good jamit.💗💖🌹🤣😄🕺🕺💃💃👣👣🌅.

  4. Joseph Rothschild

    I love it...that's south west U.S and it's the best..

  5. Александр Донецк

    Капец девки классно танцуют!)😜🤗🤗🤗, ух жопастики мои)))

  6. jaermoo

    I remember when I was like 8 or 9 years old when listening to 2 unlimited lying in my bed... This song was one of my favorites, also nice dance compilation here!

  7. darrel garard

    these ladies have some great moves.


    Muito bom.Very Well. I Love it. Congratulations.😆😆😆

  9. Jeffy Lhs

    hi , Do you have this dong ? Ace of Base - all that she want (remix)

  10. Sebastian Sefyu

    1:53 Great fluid moves :)

  11. trancebynature4

    Great...2 unlimited

  12. Always watch out for Magpies

    As much as love the guys it's the girls that are the best dancers, love watching these videos always put a smile on my face, thank you!!!

  13. manny anguiano

    This video and tune combo from Km is my "Happy Pill". LOVE,LOVE,LOVE...Emma Stoffs' energy here. She puts a powerful smile inside and out. Great work!

  14. kotksps

    Make all links on originals clickable or you will get strike. Ok?

  15. Ricardo shinaider


  16. M3UEC

    Very good video

  17. Roman Cernohorsky

    for my best, nice girls, I love this music.....

  18. malvelus



    HI KM Music,  I'm a fan of your channel !   shuffle forever  :)With a band called Oldgenback we edit a new single.  This is called "DOLCE"  by  Oldgenback Feat. Korosti (me ! ) .... I Wonder if you like the track if you could add it on your playlist ! we'll be honored  really ! :)  have a nice day !   ;)  peace for everyone !

  20. Just clicked to dislike

    Damn I forgot about this song

  21. Nada Komelj

    T O P 👉👍👋🙏😍

  22. sasarasasarasa

    Best of 2U, love it 👌🙌👍🎶

  23. Josué Rodrigues

    Essa é prá matar a saudade 💔 coco barro Branco Cajati SP 💎

  24. Hernán Gómez

    Esta es la que más me gusta de ellos.

  25. Horacio V.


  26. Horacio V.


  27. ARIMC69


  28. Евгений Дитяткин

    Im DJ too


    Hello greetings from Cali - Colombia; Could you share the audio of this version to Full WAV quality through WeTransfer? Do you have the Original 12 "inch CD, which includes 6 different versions of this #NoOne hit? My email: [email protected] #Thanks


    Hola saludos desde Cali – Colombia; ¿Podrías compartir el audio de esta versión a Full calidad WAV por medio de WeTransfer? Tienes el CD Original 12” pulgadas, que incluyo 6 versiones todas distintas de este hit #NoOne? Mi email: [email protected] #Gracias

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I've been searching a long time and I just don't know
I try to catch solutions, I try to catch the flow
Thoughts running through my mind, maybe the man in the front, yo
Was the man from behind

Where is the place where I don't have to watch my back
When I can just go out without protecting my sex
Will it come?
No-one knows, hey, yo, no-one knows

No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But dream and fantasize

On and on to the break of dawn
Uh, uh, uh, yeah, no-one knows

You better recognize when I pass your way
It's the techno-rap singer by the name of Ray
Can we compromise to have a better place?
Can we reach the goal to have an equal race?
So amazing how things change
But we're growing up, so it ain't that strange
The inspiration come through the nations
Will it last? no-one knows

No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But dream and fantasize

Escape to paradise
Dream and fantasize, yeah

No-one knows, yo, will I know?
Like Janet Jackson, "That's the way love goes"
My mind's playing tricks, there's no way out
No-one can hear you, not even if you shout
I feel the pressure, you can not measure
Time will tell, heaven or hell
How will the world survive nowadays?
No-one knows, no-one knows

No-one can resist the desire
To escape to paradise
But it seems like there's nothing else to do
But dream and fantasize

Hey, hey, hey, hey!
No-one knows!

Escape to paradise, yeah
Ooh, ooh, ooh
No-one can resist the desire to escape to paradise

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