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  1. Law Walker

    cooper and koda are so so cute

  2. Paisley M

    plz do a part 2!!!

  3. It's Cookie Chan

    OMG can u make a Smr fore tye dogs?Like if u agree comment if not

  4. Fraser Povey

    Koda doesn’t really smile but he feels like he is smiling

  5. Camila Janssen élève

    Trevor or Chelsea: Let’s go potty Cooper: Nope going swimming ?

  6. swizzy bk

    wow beautiful house.. i need to gtfo of nyc


    Rico is my birds name

  8. Potato-Frost

    100 way to make the boys and you smile

  9. ribble simpkin

    Pretty sweet pad, man

  10. 1,000 subscribers With no videos

    Who else doesn’t have a dog coz your parents won’t let you get one?

  11. Shivesh Rama

    U sould do more of these

  12. Halle&Chelle Dube

    Koda cooper koda cooper koda cooper

  13. Eason Packer

    Trevor trying so hard for Koda to get the blanket lolol

  14. MarMar O

    Part two!!!!!!!!!

  15. Patrik Znika

    7:44 look at the wall. isn't that the best poster?

  16. Carole Holloway

    Part 2 part 2 part 2 plz this was so cute and funny

  17. Orange Blossom

    Koda does his smiling on the inside.

  18. Robin George

    Want part 2

  19. Specialized 29er

    their mummy titties make me smile

  20. Chey but WHY?

    Cooper all the time: ?

  21. Drakkenmensch Silverflare

    G.I. Joe had even weirder keyboards: all square buttons lined up in perfect rows and lines, no labels whatsoever but everyone can blindly type and get everything they want without error.

  22. dontrestyourhead

    Austin is a super good nice boy too, I hope he gets a nice job helping people and lives a happy life.

  23. dontrestyourhead

    Johnny is a good good boy though. Could he voice the dogs inner monologue in the show good dog?

  24. dontrestyourhead

    The UN declared that healthcare was a right in 1948, Johnny.

  25. Michael Keenan

    Fwiw leon, Last D*** Night is another rock song by Elle King, plus shes done a few covers of songs like Tom Petty's American Girl and Ain't No Sunshine, so her repertoire isn't just country music.

  26. kinnikufan

    I am definitely with Leon on the topic of Quentin Tarantino.  I did not enjoy Deathproof.  I did enjoy the Hateful Eight.  Also, the only Billy Talent song I know is "Fallen Leaves," and I actually like it quite a bit.

  27. Robert Kendzie

    I miss the old theme tune.

  28. Painocus

    Horse is eaten almost everywhere that has horses apart from North America. I don't really understand why a people who is okay with eating pork and alligators (both more mentally developed animals than horses) get morally indignant about people eating horse meat. Not to even speak of wolf- and corvid-hunting, which are both considered okay in the US if I understand things correctly.

  29. JJ Rambles

    40:16 and I have found my new ringtone.

  30. Chipio Industries

    I'd watch that show.

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